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The R.O.S.E Project 2010… Recognizing Our Spiritual Energy — SOLD OUT

Start with HEALTHY INTENTION, add a smattering of DESIRE and PASSION.  Toss in a large dollop of ACTIVE VISUALIZATION, nicely seasoned with a smidge of BELIEF and FAITH; and you are inside the newly developed  R.O.S.E. Project 2010.

This is the natural easy bridge between learning about and developing your psychic self as well as  the very simple, applicable Law of Attraction by understanding it.  The bridge between the two is where the magic starts to glitter!

Remember the excitement in the last newsletter when I was talking about the new programs for the Fall of 2010?  Well, that’s what the R.O.S.E. Project 2010 is, and as I get closer and closer to seeing it completed I can’t wait to share it with you.

With luck and good technical management we will even have it available in Webinar format so you can sign up, and get settled right in front of your own computer to listen and participate.  This will be the first ever Webinar Series for me and I am really looking forward to joining the other Spiritual Coaches who have moved their businesses onto the electronic stage.  For those of you close to my Studio, I will be running this exclusive 8 week series in-house  for fifteen students only.

Okay.  So you ask – just what is the R.O.S.E. Project 2010?  It is an acronym for ‘Recognizing Our Spiritual Energy’, which is exactly what the project is designed to do.  We have so much wonder in our world.  So much joy and beauty and love, yet we seem to feel disconnected from the good stuff  the majority of the time.  Should you choose to journey with the R.O.S.E Project, you will learn how to tap into that happiness, feel the joy, experience the wealth, revel in good health and needless to say, have a good time with like-minded participants and tutors along the way.

You will be meeting your Spirit Guides, Chatting with your Angels, learning how to understand your core energy strength, and learning to recognize your dominant ‘Clair – Sense’. You will learn how to do medium work for yourself so you can visit with your crossed over loved ones whenever you wish.

You will rediscover your passions and take on some very unusual but fun creative activities.  You will learn how to relax your physicality so you can energize your spirituality and amp up your receptivity to the Universal Source and your Higher Self.  That process is called Meditation by some, Visualization by others and others yet like Contemplation go now. You will learn which system works better for you, and you will learn what the differences are as well.  You will study and learn some disciplines that when practiced create miracles.  Yes, I am not kidding – miracles!

You will have the opportunity to explore at least one past life with the intention of discovering any residual fears that may have come into this life. You will engage in unique and unusual discussions about Life Between Lives. Where exactly are you going when you leave earth?   You will adventure into what that looks like and what we may already know.

Yu will learn how to be effective with card readings to receive instant information you require. You will learn simple and quick environmental energy cures for your home or business.  Most importantly of all, you will have the opportunity to practice and develop your psychic sense so you recognize it and can call on it when you wish.

The reason for the R.O.S.E. Project 2010 is so you can re-discover your joy, your passion and your purpose.  Living with a clear intention and loving the journey will change you to your very core.  I promise fun, growth and magic!  The goal is to reconnect you with your life so you can work and play on purpose.  I promise to help you connect to your bliss and learn to love your life fully!

This project is a eight class series. Remember, in-Studio classes will be limited to fifteen students only!  Those fifteen students will attend a once a week session for eight weeks.


The in-Studio sessions will start  Saturday October 16 and finish Saturday December 4th. Each class will be four hours so you will receive a total of 32 training hours.

The live online teleseries will  follow, – FREE LIVE ONE HOUR TELECLASS ON OCTOBER 27, 2010 More details to follow!

Actively participating from your computer at home from anywhere in the world in the live teleseries with Sharyn. more details  TBA

Until next time…

Sharyn Rose Psychic Coach and MediumNamaste from Sharyn

Comments (9)

  • Betty Jaap

    Hi Sharon
    I am interested in attending the in studio sessions of the R.O.S.E project.
    I will have to miss the Nov 13 session, as I will be away hiking for the weekend.
    How much does this course cost and how do I pay?

    • Sharyn

      Betty, I am replying to you by private email regarding the classes.
      Namaste from Sharyn

  • Brenda Crisp

    Hi Sharon,
    Sorry I am so late in responding to attending the R.O.S.E. project. Please let me know if you have any openings and if so I would like some further information.
    Thanks so much

    • Sharyn

      Hi Brenda – I am sending you some information by private email. For those of you looking for information though here are details. Payment details are as follows for the eight week series: October 16 to Dec 4.

      You can contact my office by phone if you wish to use CC – you need to come in to use Debit or Cash and you can mail a cheque payable to The Studio HHC, whatever you prefer. Mailing address is The Studio HHC, RR#3 LCD 1, Red Deer Ab T4N 5E3.

  • Debbie Jenner

    Hi Sharyn,

    I would love to par take in the R.O.S.E. project. Please sign me up
    if there are still seats available. I can call you with my payment information
    prior to August 31. Is there a previous class requirement that I need to have
    attended to sign up? Let me know. Thanks so much, Blessings, Debbie

    • Sharyn

      HI Deb, Seats are still available and I have registered you. There is no previous requirement to take this class – ….oh wait…. yes there is!!!. You have to really, really want to be happy – you have to want your life to change and become exactly what you dreamed it could be. That’s all – just desire to be happy. lol:)

      Give me a shout at the office 403-343-6679 when you are ready. Namaste from Sharyn

  • Katherine Atchison

    Hi Sharyn. I have been thinking about this for some time and decided that i wanted to register for it. Count me in for the in studio classes if you still have room.

    • Sharyn

      Welcome aboard Kathy – I will reserve your seat and await your call regarding payment. 10% when half is paid prior to August 31. We are over half booked now, so your timing is good. I look forward to chatting with you. I have also replied to you by private email.

      Namaste from Sharyn

  • Krista Johnson

    Hi Sharon,
    This sounds incredibly exciting and I want to register for the in person sessions. I have another commitment on Oct 23rd and Nov 20th, although I could possibly reschedule Oct 23rd. Could I miss one or two of the sessions, and just work around that? Honestly, this sounds perfect!