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The Studio Complete Spring Cleanse Starts February 25th.

The Studio Complete Spring Cleanse Starts February 25th.


This is the third year for this program, and since the first two programs were so successful, we are doing it again!!!!

STARTING DATE IS Monday February 25th – COMPLETING PROGRAM ON Saturday March 22nd.

This week is absolutely essential.  It is vital for the program and a powerful process in its own right. 

The seven elements will include:

1. Diet -this is not a fast€¦ you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins throughout the four weeks.
2. Warm hydrotherapy and skin brushing (enhances your immune system)
3. Clay water
4. Energy exercise: cleansing the energy of fear of the future
5. clothing
6. The €˜Inner Smile’ exercise
7. Meditation

During the colon cleansing, our aim is to regulate the following processes;

1. Colon Cleansing
2. Regulating peristaltic movements
3. Restoring healthy gut flora (good bacteria)
4. Cleansing the energy of the past

During the liver cleanse, our aim is to:

1. Assist the liver (our waste disposal unit) to work more efficiently
2. Eliminate environmental toxins and waste products
3. Aid in the storage and filtration of blood, and in the conversion of sugar into glycogen.  Essential for fat metabolism and oxidation of fat to produce energy.
4. Cleansing the energy of anger

This is a much simpler detox with fewer elements.  The four main ones are:

1. Diet:  Salt and honey are excluded.
2. Warm hydrotherapy
3. Energy exercise: cleansing from the energy of guilt and grudges
4. Meditation

Following the detox, you should be feeling absolutely wonderful, clearer and lighter in both body and emotions.  Your intuition should be functioning well, and it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself craving fried foods or wanting to go binge drinking.  Some of the elements you used in the detox program will have become comfortable enough to continue with after completion.  Other elements you will alter, for example it is a good idea to give the clay a break.  However, I expect you will welcome a return to a normal routine and less prescriptive diet. 

When not to detox:
€¢ You are pregnant or breastfeeding
€¢ You are suffering from extreme fatigue
€¢ You have a cold or flu
€¢ You are suffering from any acute illness
€¢ You are having a flare-up of any chronic condition.
€¢ You have diabetes.

Always check with your doctor before detoxing.  If you are on any medication or have any health issues, you may well be able to detox under medical supervision, but you must check with your doctor.

 Program One Participants details as follows:

Meetings will be held weekly to discuss progress and pick up supplies from the Studio for the next week program.  Cost is $179.00 which includes non grocery supplies, weekly plan, and support  of the group and administration.  Payable by MasterCard, Debit Card or cash.

Program Two Participants details as Follows:

This is designed for those who cannot or do not wish to attend meetings but would rather have their weekly plans sent by email.  They will have email access to the administrator for guidance throughout, and will be responsible for seeing to their own supplies. Cost is $79.00 payable by MasterCard, Debit Card or Cash.

Detox foot-pads are available at the Studio. They are optional and are recommended for the four weeks at an added cost to either program of $140.00. These foot pads are worn while sleeping, and speed up the removal of toxins that are released through the cleansing process.

To register Call Sharyn at 403-343-6679!  Pre-registration is required!

Comments (2)

  • Katherine Atchison

    Hi Sharyn. Thank you again for the workshop last weekend. I have thought alot about the things you told us in the group, and past experiences make more sence. I would like to sign up for the program one detox. Let me know where and when.

  • Sharyn

    Thank you Kathy, for the feedback. I am grateful the workshop was successful for you. Detox details coming at ya!