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To Advertise, or Not to Advertise

To Advertise, or Not to Advertise

I was recently contacted by the owner/publisher of a local Alternative Health magazine called The Violet Ray.  Her name is Carol, and she sent me an email introducing herself and her magazine.  I understood she had just recently taken over the magazine, and was working to let the community know who she was and what she did. 

Since I do little magazine advertising and my business is doing quite well simply by word of mouth, the odd flyer and a couple of newspaper interviews,  I initially just read and closed the email.  But, I didn’t delete it and a few days later went back to read it again.  Carol impressed me.  I could tell she was a hard working local business gal, dedicated to her community and on that day I picked up the phone and called her. 

I was even more impressed when speaking to her and ultimately we agreed on an advertising format that suits the profile of the Studio and is really more of an information piece that advertising. Everything she said she would do for me, she backed up with action and her Spring edition will be soon released.  The Studio bought the inside back page and was also given the opportunity to write an article on “Energetic Clutter in Our Environment”.  It was an honor, and I am grateful to have been asked. 

Carol will be launching a new website in mid to late Spring which will compliment her written magazine and provide more exposure for her advertisers.  With her integrity and work ethic, those of you who have practices should get on board in supporting her work by advertising, letting her support your work in return.  This is a win-win all around.

If you are not a practitioner but would like the low down on who and what is working in the community around you – look for the Violet Ray in locations around town.  It is a free magazine, and packed with tons of interesting stuff. 

Way to go Carol!  I look forward to some day getting you away from your computer  and buying you lunch.

to reach Carol call 403-358-1656 or email Carol Uchytil at

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  • Kathy Dickson

    Good Morning Sharyn!!

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Carol for over 10 years, and it has been so wonderful to see her growth over that time.

    She has always had a passion for research, writing and healthy alternatives. She is an entrepreneur at heart and just seems to know what to do. Carol has a built in communicable, common sense approach.

    When I received the first copy of her new magazine…I wasn’t a bit surprised to see her masterpiece…I just smiled and turned thru every page and was saying to myself, “Good for you Carol…you did it!!”

    Carol has always had this magnificent attitude and ability to plunge forward with her beliefs, no matter what!!

    Certainty our public will benefit from her magazine for many years to come, and I look forward to seeing the growth of her new business!

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

    Kathy Dickson
    Executive Director
    Internet Entrepreneurs Inc.