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Update on Training in England

Update on Training in England

Hi everyone,


I didn’t get the time to update as I thought I would while at the College in England and now that I am back, I will make a point of getting into some of the details I have not yet recorded.  I will say this though at this time:

As a medium, I am not usually the recipient of messages  since I am the medium who connects to spirit energy for others.  Going to the college and working with mediums from all over the world allowed loved ones whom I have lost to communicate with me through them.  It was moving, touching and so wonderful to have the opportunity to be on the receiving end for a bit.  I even got a happy birthday wish from my great grandmother and several messages from my grandmother who seems to be set up as a teacher for me.  I felt so honored and my work has strengthened because of it.

For those of you who were looking for updates, I will send out a newsletter soon to direct you to photos and stories about all that happened.  I will also be putting in information regarding new classes we will be holding this winter at the Studio as well as information on some guest teachers we are inviting in.  Yup, you guessed it – Internationally recognized tutors all the way from England!  

Until next time, Namaste from Sharyn