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Welcome to 2010 – A Year of Dreams Coming True!!

Welcome to 2010 – A Year of Dreams Coming True!!


What are you dreaming of?

How much do you believe in your Dream?

Do you want it to come true or do you want it to stay a dream?

Either way is fine, personally I really like to see my dreams become real.  I like the idea of physically interacting with my dreams … feeling them, tasting them, smelling them, hearing them and most importantly seeing them.

Dreaming is the beginning of creation.  Dreaming is the fairyland of our minds, the place where imagination creates our visions so they can become our reality.  Without our dreams, we are without color.

So for 2010 – don’t be afraid to dream!  Dream about what you want … what you love …. dream about who you are and how you feel.  Dream big… dream all the time … let your dreams become your joyful playful place.

Make them so real that one day you will awaken and gasp in surprise.  For there …. right there, will be the manifestation of your dream.  Oh what a wonderful adventure to look forward to.

I am off to dream now so until next time…..happy holidays!!!  May all your Christmas wishes and dreams come true…..

Namaste from Sharyn