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What??? A Skinny Fat Person???

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-742" title="healthy_lifestyle" src="http://www useful×200.jpg” alt=”healthy_lifestyle” width=”300″ height=”200″ />A Skinny Fat Person… Have you ever been called that? That is what my new personal trainer called me last week.  Yup – that’s what I said – my personal trainer.  Yikes!   I finally gave up trying to be disciplined and signed up with a trainer at Gym 360.  since I rarely do anything I don’t like to do, and when pushed tend to have a short fuse, I asked Andrea if she was going to cry if I got crabby.  I know me – I know I can be overbearing. I am intense and yes… in the past I have made people cry.

She told me she had thick skin and then proceeded to set up a treadmill – I hate the treadmill – fast … and on a steep incline.  Immediately I felt my temper rise – and at four minutes I stepped off, glaring at her, breathing hard and whining loud.  She was so nice about it but also insistent and I started feeling like an idiot so I stepped back on.  Fast, steep, twelve minutes.

I had to go somewhere on my head for inspiration, and immediately began recalling The Biggest Loser shows.  I recalled how they moaned and groaned and cried and complained at the beginning of their seasons – but they did it.  If they could I could and thus, did twelve minutes on the and steep.  I’ll show her Skinny Fat Person.

So. I will look forward to showing off the new improved healthy me by the October launch date of the new R.O.S.E. Project 2010. I am also proud to admit that I will have a better understanding of the journey to a healthy body, no matter where you start.