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What a Success it Was!!

What a Success it Was!!

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz graced the community of Red Deer this past weekend, albeit sans luggage, which  monalisa.jpg

went off to Washington DC. How’s that for a major challenge when you are only staying in town for two days? If you want to learn how to power shop, and get your hair done, all in an hour and a half this is the lady to follow around. Whew!!

With that being the challenge of the day at the Calgary Airport, one would expect anger, frustration and panic to set in and mar the weekend. Well, that didn’t happen at all. In fact it became the “Red Deer’ adventure for myself and one of the top Authors, Teachers and Medical Intuitives in the world. In short – it was a blast!

I have to take my hat off to Chatters Hair Salon in Bower Mall who made a point of getting her in ASAP and the hairdresser who worked at lightning speed to get us back out of there and on to the book signing. Also, Ricki’s, La Senza, and the Leather Ranch who also accomodated our need for haste and hurry. If any of you are in Bower Mall over the next few days, please stop and and extend a thank you to them for being such great Red Deer Ambassadors to this lovely speedy woman from Yarmouth Maine. They were brilliant.

Friday night surprised some of the staff at the local Chapters store. They ran out of chairs as people were listening to Dr Mona LIsa share thoughts and portions of her two books for about two hours. They still have a few books available at the store (very few) if you wanted to pick one up. The titles are ‘Awakening Intuition’, and ‘The New Feminine Brain’. Her Body/Mind makeover card decks sold out. A very successful book signing event. Dr Mona LIsa was interviewed by Laura Tester, and the article appeared on the second page of the Red Deer Advocate on Monday, October 22. to view to the link ‘healercombines medicine, intuition’.

Saturday morning saw 32 people gather at the Capri Hotel excited about spending a full day in the exclusive Workshop with Dr Mona Lisa. Meeting one another over breakfast before the event was as much fun as the event itself, and I noticed lots of exchanging phone numbers between practitioners and participants at the end of the day.

Although our sponsors, The Studio HHC, Heather Young at ‘Time For Self’ and ‘Apple Teddy Wholesale’ provided enough doorprizes for everyone, the cherished gift was the draw at the end of the day for a private consultaton with Dr Mona Lisa. Kim Brochu had the right number and this gal from Mallaig, Alberta was delighted. The reading was a gift from The Studio Holistic Health Centre and we offer huge congratulations to Kim.

Participants came from all over Alberta, and one gal even drove up from Montana. A great group, a great day and a great deal of valuable information. Thank you to all of the participants for making that day happen, and for all the positive feedback. Hats off to Norma Jean and her staff at the Capri Hotel for accomodating our needs so well.

Just an ear to the ground for you, we may be hosting another world reknowned author and teacher in the Spring of 2008, again here in Red Deer. Keep checking the Studio website for updates.