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What is a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

Becoming more common to the Western Culture over the past decade, a personal lifecoach is someone who can assist with current challenges you are having.  These challenges could be in business, in relationships, with health, career or abundance.  Some specialize in particular areas using practical down to earth techniques as in Abundance Coaches – dealing with finances. 

Generally a personal life coach will be able to address any of the above and more, utilizing skills they have learned throughout their own lives.  One particular life coach is a gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting named Michael Neill.  Internationally reknowned, Michael is the author of two very successful books entitiled “You Can Have What You Want,’ and “Feel Happy Now.” Simple titles, simple concepts and very usable remedies that are instantly applicable to real life issues.  Michael draws on his background and training as an actor and an NLP practitioner. 

In his books, Michael leads the movement towards assisting others recognizing their potential.  He is funny, charismatic and practical and cuts to the chase eliminating the complications of life and presenting the simple and often overlooked solutions people need.  He is probably one of the best know life coaches in the world and also hosting his own weekly radio show on . You can check out his show by accessing the archives at Hay House and listening to past shows of interest.  Other coaches who do similar work to Michael are Shad Helmstetter and Cheryl Richadson, just to name two.

Another style is Spiritual Coaching – the work that I do.  I am a Spiritual Coach, and like Michael I call on my own background to assist with client issues. Being a working psychic, assists me to see all of the options available for clients, and some of the obstacles in their way.  Most psychics who do not engage in predictive psychic work, but focus on the present would be considered Spiritual Life Coaches. 

Medical Intuitives are also life coaches as they use thier backgrounds and training, and their psychic abilities to assist their clients in wellness issues.  Well know here are Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz the author of “Awakening Intuition”, and “The New Feminine Brain.”  Carol Ritberger is also a well known medical intutive with several books to her credit.

A wonderfully funny life Coach is Loretta LaRoche, author of “Life is Short – Wear Your Party Pants.”  Loretta brings her incredible funny self to work in a comedic style that is entertaining as well as healing and motivating.

So, a life coach can come in all sorts of disguises, specializing or generalizing in life issues with the intent being the same.  A strong desire to make a difference using their unique skills and techiques and having a positive impact on our world.