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What People are Saying…….

What People are Saying…….

Saturday afternoon classes, and appointments for one hour private sittings with psychic medium Sharyn LeMasurier continue to be popular and busy.  In fact, we are hearing great things and wanted to share it with you.   It is with gratitude that we received the following:

From the classes:            

“Thank you for your help last weekend. Over the past few days I’ve started standing up for myself and hey it’s amazing at the results. I’m worth it!!!!!”          Pam L.

“Thanks for an awesome class again. I am looking forward to taking a lot more classes with you. I love the energy …. and I think you and your classes are just what I need right now.”      Lori P

” €¦€¦.. See you then! Thank-you for the great class on Saturday!”   Marcie S

“Our first class was interesting and fun and we are looking forward to the next one …..” Diane W

From the private psychic consultations:

“Not sure how to express my gratitude for our conversation. It really did hit home in many areas.”       Michelle N

“On my drive home I was getting teary, I knew I was meant to know you in this life and you have helped me come so incredibly far, I really look up to you and I can’t thank you enough for helping me€¦.”        Andrea L

“Thank you for sharing your gift with me! There was a lot of information to digest but I feel that it did open up my mind to understand what type of work I need to do to satisfy my questions.”     Jessica W

“Thanks for yesterday, you left me with lots to think about€¦.”      Laura