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What’s Your Wage?

What’s Your Wage?

By Jesse B. Rittenhouse

I bargained with life for a penny,
And life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store;

For life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of life,
Life would have paid.
When I found this poem I realized how well it captured most peoples thinking. It aptly describes lifestyle and our sense of self worth.

I am a huge fan of the work that has been done by Jerry and Esther Hicks through their numerous books and cd’s that talks about our ability to attract to us any and all that we desire. I have put some of their exercises to the test and have had the most incredible things arrive in my life. Let me share one of them here with you.

I discovered their first book ‘Ask and it is Given’ in April of 2005. After reading it and having several ‘Aha’ moments, I chose one of the exercises for myself. It is called ‘The Magic Creation Box’. All I had to do was acquire a box I liked (I found a red heart shaped box with a lid at a garage sale for 50 cents). I then gathered magazines, catalogues and various other pieces of literature. With them scattered around me on the sofa, I began looking through them. Anything I saw that I liked and would like to manifest into my life, I cut out and placed in my beautiful red box. As I did so, I stated the phrase, “what is in the box -IS”. I clipped a lot of things out that day that were important to me. As I was finishing up and looking through the last catalogue, I saw a picture of a cruise ship. Gazing at it I thought, ‘why not? I have always wanted to go on a cruise.” Clip, clip – in the box it went.

I visited my red box each week, smiling at the stuff I had placed there, adding some more along the way and always emphasizing that phrase “what is in this box – IS”. I then tried to get out of the way and let the Universe bring to me the desires I held.

In August (four months later) my husband called me from work and asked me if I would like to go to Hawaii for a holiday. Emphatic Yes!! He then asked if I was open to a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Immediately I thought about the red box and the picture of the cruise ship. My heart beating fast I said I would love a cruise around the Islands and then his next question blew me away image1.jpgHe said, “How would you like to go for free?” In September 2005 his company sent us on a beautiful Free styling Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.

In retrospect, otherwise known as hindsight I understand why some of the things in the red box came to be and others didn’t. Regarding the cruise ship? I wasn’t busy trying to plan anything to do with cruising, but every time I looked at the picture I smiled and dreamed just a little. I realize now that I stayed out of the way of the Universe to bring to me exactly what I desired. In the case of some other things in the box, I was so busy micro-managing that the Universe didn’t stand a chance of bringing those things to me. I kept getting in the way.

I am not suggesting that you just sit back and do nothing, because you have to be involved at some level for anything to manifest for you, the cruise was just one way I was able to get the message that my appreciating the power of my desires would surely bring them to my reality.

So, ask yourself, what is your wage? Is it what you want? Is there something else you desire? Then, dream it, love it, nurture it and let the Universe assist you in having it.

until next time

Namaste from Sharyn

Comments (2)

  • Happy

    Hi Sharyn,


    I am creating my box and did a search for “what is in th is box is” and you popped up! your story is inspiring…. have you continued with your box?

    • Sharyn

      Yes, I am continuing with the little red box – it is shaped like a heart actually!! It is one of the tools that you can use and it does all the work – I love it! Good luck in working with your magic creations box too.