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Who Do I Believe, What do I Believe in?

Who Do I Believe, What do I Believe in?

Mediums, Psychics, Allopathic Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Reiki and other energy Practitioners and The Five Sensory Physical Journey.  Are they connected?  What is Illusion and what is fact?  How do we know who to believe, who to turn to and what is the best option for us?

Our society depends on linear thought – thoughts that follow a path and lead to a solution with purpose.  It is how we can communicate together when relating experiences so understanding is possible.  We gather our information several ways.  Through others considered expert in their fields, through experiences others have had and through experiences we have had.  We read, we watch documentaries, we listen and we absorb through our five senses what those things feel like, taste like, smell like, sound like and look like.

When conferring with the experts like allopathic or naturopathic doctors, we gather information about our personal well-being.  We gather information about possible solutions and are given treatment options.  We then have the choice to pursue one of those options or look in another direction.  But how do we know what to do?  Most often our intuition is kicking in and providing guidance by the way we feel about what we have gathered so far.  Too often though, we don’t pay attention and will blindly follow the expert advice.  When things may not go well, we blame those same experts for leading us astray.

Sometimes our Intuition will finally get our attention when we have exhausted all ‘practical’ avenues and we will consult with an energy worker.  Then, even though we may not know how that worker works, we will have already taken the leap of faith that led us to their door in the first place and we will achieve the results we are looking for.  Or we will confer with a psychic counselor to gain insight and guidance. Again a leap of faith is required to trust in this unproven field.

Does that influence our results?  Faith always influences results in our physical journey.  Faith in others we work with and seek guidance from, and faith in ourselves that we are making the correct choices for us.  We need to have faith in the unseen, the bigger picture and the wholeness and connectedness of all physicality to one another.  Believing in the larger you allows your intuitive nature to open and be heard.  The cool part of this?  Once it is open and you have started listening, it is like having an invisible friend take you by the hand knowing they would never lead you off course.  It is knowing the big-ness of the world around you, trusting you won’t be let down.

Some call this God.  Others call it the Universe.  Many call it Divine Intervention.  Whatever it’s name, I believe – do you?

until next time….. Namaste from Sharyn