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Winning in a Home Lottery … Twice!

My friends and family thought I was a bit deluded when I announced I was going to win in a Home Lottery.  Of course Alberta has numerous lottery draws that support hospitals, Stars Air Ambulance, etc.  and I always purchase tickets.

I have purchased tickets for years, but I have never won.  I never however, focused on winning anything.  Instead I did what most people do – I hoped I would win.  Well, this spring I decided enough of that.  I love supporting these causes but  I want to enjoy winning too.  So, I put to work some of the techniques I have learned that involve, visualization, affirmations, and knowing, to start.  Basically it’s the stuff I am going to teach in the October R.O.S.E. Project.  I now know – hope has nothing at all to do with winning, nor does luck.

In July I got a letter in the mail  from the Calgary Kinsmen Childrens’ Hospital Home Lottery saying“congratulations Sharyn L … you are a winner!” Last week it happened again. This time a letter from the Red Deer Hospitals Home Lottery saying “congratulations Sharyn L… you are a winner!”  If you want to learn what I did, sign up for the R.O.S.E. Project – I will teaching fifteen participants to do what I did.

Do you want to know what I won?  The Calgary Lottery gave me an iPod touch and the Red Deer Lottery gave me an Elite Keurig Single Cup Home Brewing System.  Deeelightful!!

I have to add – winning is  fun .. I am hooked, and looking forward to much more winning in my lifetime.  Let me get you started.  Imagine getting a letter that says, “Congratulations … __________ (your name) .. you are a winner”!

Comments (4)

  • Marjorie

    Congradulations Sharyn!!!!!!!!! Good for you!1

    • Sharyn

      Thanks my friend – a while back we had a conversation about winning things – you are the only person I know who has consistently won trips, things, money etc. I would love to compare notes and see what I am doing that matches what you are doing and what the differences are. May have to meet for tea Marjorie.

  • Marjorie

    I also won one of thous individual coffee systems and I love it!

    • Sharyn

      I think I may have tapped into the magic of winning – the way you have Marjorie. Did you win your coffee maker in the Home Lottery Draw as well?