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I Miss You…

Remember elementary school and your one friend who kept telling you they really like you? They want to be your best friend? They want to play with you every day? Remember when it changed? Now, you ask them out to play, often hearing a reason why they can’t. Maybe they became busy with other friends, maybe they didn’t want to do what you wanted to do; or maybe they just wanted to do something by themselves. So you say,  “okay, maybe tomorrow.”

Day after day you ask again, “would you like to play with me today?” And the same thing happens. They say they really like you and are really your best friend. They are just too busy to play with you today. Maybe tomorrow.  You think, I miss you.”

Eventually, feeling lonely, you find your attention turning towards finding new friends. All you want is someone to play with, and soon you are feeling happy and having fun, playing with your new friends.

Now your best friend sees you having fun with others and they come to you. “Would you like to play?” they ask. “Okay,” you say, and leave your new friends to play with this friend you care so much for. Eventually the same thing happens.

Slowly, the excuses begin again. They say sorry, they just don’t have time to play today. But they really like you and they say you are best friends. They extend the promise of possibly tomorrow. Once again, you are alone, while they are too busy for you.  And you feel sad, and lonely.  And you think, “I miss you.”

Fast forward to today. Does your current relationship carry the same overtones? Does your current partner/friend take the time to share part of their day with you? Do you feel valued, or do you live on promises of tomorrow?  Are you sad a lot?  Thinking, “I miss you.”

You have the Divine right to be happy, and you have the right to be valued. If the above scenario is familiar, perhaps you learned to believe all those years ago that you were not as valuable as others. You learned to de-value yourself. Law of Attraction says, “like attracts like.”  Others are now being drawn to you who also de-value you, and they validate your own low sense of worth. This creates a cycle of difficult relationships.

But all is not lost.  You can break the cycle forever.

Here is an simple way to begin coming back into balance, realizing your fabulous you. Do the following exercise every day for seven days, and watch, as your heart starts to sing, feeling free, loved and appreciated.


Look in the mirror. Look into your eyes.  Really take the time, and look. Appreciate your eyes, your smile, your hair. Feel appreciation for everything about yourself. Do this every day, going deeper into the awareness of your kind heart, your great love of others, Feel appreciation for the experiences that made you who you are. Feel appreciation for what you formerly saw as negative, maybe a scar from an accident that taught you something important. Appreciate the way you walk, talk, dress, feel appreciation for everything! Do this exercise every day for seven days, and you will find yourself feeling more worthy and more valuable, more alive and ready to have a good day, every day.  Do this every day.  Risk little discomfort for great happiness.

Those who were previously drawn to your low sense of value will not be so drawn to you anymore.  You will begin to attract people, friends/ partners who see your worthiness and love you with a respect that matches your newfound self-respect.  Maybe even the current partner/friend will see you in a new light.

You have a divine right to be loved by you.  To be appreciated by you.  To be respected by you.  So go first, and show the others the way to a joyful self-appreciating heart.  Take charge and become your own best friend! You are loved.  Now go find you!

Until next time…. Namaste from Sharyn Rose

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