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Just That Kind Of Day

Yup. That day when I wore sweatpants, scarfed down a Quarter pounder with fries and my favorite Eat-more Chocolate bar. I washed it all down with an ice-cold root beer, while binge-watching Reign.

At the end of the day my Fitbit registers 2000 steps, the minimum to get me off the couch, to the kitchen and back. And then I feel it. Guilt, slowly creeping in.

I feel the guilt that I didn’t do the daily exercise I usually dedicate myself to, while massaging my numb bum from sitting for hours in a stretch. The guilt that I didn’t touch the healthy sweet potato bake in the fridge, or stay away from the gluten and carbs I have been happily avoiding.

At 3:50am Monday morning I wake fully amidst a restless dream of kings and queens and burgers and feeling my own lack of self-respect. So, time to get up, get a grip and start again.

That is where the fun of life is. A Sunday where I broke all of my own rules does not mean that Monday has to be broken. I can choose differently. Stepping forward into a new day allows new thoughts, new ideas, and a new emotional set point. All of it by choice.

So, I happily reviewed Sunday past, and offered up appreciation for it. It was a great day of just hanging out. I said goodbye to guilt and hello to the excitement of getting back into a routine I really enjoy. I welcomed Monday with the new energy, new excitement for a busy week ahead and love in my heart that I allow imperfections to adorn my life alongside all that is perfect for me.  I got happy, I chose happy.  I am happy.

So, How was your Sunday? And is Monday a magical day for you too? I hope so.   It’s going to be a good, good week.

Until next time… Namaste from Sharyn Rose




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