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Merry Christmas

Thank you so much to all my friends, family and clients who supported  me and my work in 2015.  It was some kind of year, and to be sitting here in my office on the eve of the 23rd preparing to spend the next few days with family – I feel blessed. I have a warm home, lots of love and I have my health. I appreciate it all.  I send from my home and family to your home and family wishes of love and peace over the holiday week.  Be kind to yourself,  leave your troubles at the door of every place you enter – you can pick them up again on the way out.  Engage with others with your intent on being happy – just that – being happy.  It is your divine right to be so, reach for it over the next week.  You can always go back to being worried, sad, angry after Jan 1.  But for now it is all about you being happy.  I am excited for 2016 too, there is so much to learn from the challenges we face and I see such great changes in our world that I am brimming with optimism.  It is just going to get better and better.  Much love to you,

Namaste from Sharyn Rose <3



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