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Release Fear – Clean a Closet

Sometimes doing the most mundane normal, boring activities can bring you back into balance. Like when you feel stressed because of family stuff, relationships, finances or health or … well … you get the picture.

The mundane things like vacuuming the floor, cleaning out a closet, rearranging a cupboard, going for a walk around the block. Simple, uncomplicated and impossible to fail at things. Lets face it – you can’t get rearranging a cupboard or cleaning a closet wrong.

In a brief phone conversation with a client this week I realized that the fear I feel/sense around the planet is rampant and many of you, especially you empaths; are feeling it too. Fear is freezing some of you to the spot and stopping others from taking that next step in your journey. This is coming up over and over in sessions with clients. So much so, that in meditation I asked for some guidance and tools to share. I want to assist my clients in releasing strong fearful emotions.

The meditation response was clear, and swift. It surprised me. A clear message of, “Hey Sharyn, Let it go, let it go…time to let go of your own deep fears now.” What? Yup. I forget that I can’t help anyone when I don’t remember to help myself.

When it comes to self-care, psychics and mediums are often rather irresponsible with their self-care. Depleting themselves in the process of serving others. Yup again. Guilty! A clear reflection that my personal practice has gotten a bit sloppy over the past few weeks.

Meditation helps a lot, but I now have the satisfaction of an organized closet, and a large container of clothes to donate. I am happy that I am able to provide some of the things others might need, that I will no longer use. I even included a few things I love – just because it feels better that way. Plus, the rest of the master bedroom is looking pretty spiff. So mundane, so brainlessly easy, and impossible to do wrong. And I allowed myself to let go.

So, the message this week is ‘check your thinking.’ If your mind is paralyzed in fear or you find anxiety resting in the pit of your stomach, it is time to clean up your sloppy thinking. Do some small mundane things that will make you happy and that will bring you relief. You know when you are at your best, life is so much more fun! And you do deserve to be your best and have fun.

As always, my door is open to any of you who would like more simple and effective techniques to move away from sloppy fearful thinking. Don’t let fear stop you cold anymore.


Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn Rose

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