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The Lasting Magic of Nursery Rhymes


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Pick your most familiar old Nursery Rhyme. Re-write it, or create a new nursery rhyme for todays children, grandchildren, and children of the world in general. It must be original and of your creation.

Submit your entry to email at with ‘Nursery Rhyme’ in the subject line by NOON ON FEB 15TH – ALBERTA FAMILY DAY.

 Entries must include your full name, and phone number along with the following statement :

“I declare this to be my unique and original re-write or creation of an old/new Nursery Rhyme. I give permission for this submission to be published by Sharyn Rose with my name attached.”  

We will share the top winning Nursery Rhymes with our 22K members around the world complete with a graphic of our choice.

No one will go away empty handed though. EVERYONE who submits an entry will receive FREE access to ONE Rose Academy workshop of their choice from the website at You can check out the selection at the website under Rose Academy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go Go Go – and have fun!!

If we each rewrite an old Rhyme, or create a new one; we can share it, recite it, and enjoy the positive results of it forever. We CAN make a positive difference to our children, families and our world!

I am so excited to hear your new rhyme…

Namaste from Sharyn Rose <3

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