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The Psychics ‘Familiar’

This Psychics ‘Familiar’

Meet Milo. He is a tall, proud 22 pound Tuxedo Male who greets clients and then sits with them when the emotions get overwhelming. Milo anchors readings, and offers hugs and purrs to emotionally overwhelmed clients. He has made a lot of friends.

Familiars for a psychic are an essential part of the work. Initially Milo’s brother Fritz was called to work with me, but when he transitioned out of physical on Sept 10 2004, Milo stepped up. He has worked for the past 12 years as a spiritual energy holder.

There are a lot of descriptions of what a familiar is. Historically they are often described as animal spirits given to witches by the devil. They supposedly did their bidding in all manner of things. But that was the conception then. And a rather gruesome one too.

Today, it is safe to say a ‘familiar’ is often an animal – cats, dogs, and even smaller animals of choice that feel ‘familiar’ to the psychic. They seem to know one another, recognition takes place and they fit easily into the household and the work. They seem smarter.   More aware. Much more intuitive, they tend to not feel like animals at all, but like furry little people. So thus we have a ‘familiar spirit’.

With the new psychic children populating the planet at an increasing rate, they are also choosing familiars to be with them. Animals and kids who recognize one another are teaming up to support this planet and the journey of life. Thank goodness for familiars – they provide warmth, unconditional love and kindness when there is a deep need another human can’t fill.

The strong protective movement that is awakening for all animals of the planet is another indication that souls are stirring and the psychic magic that rests within the breast of every human is being touched. We understand more deeply, how essential humans and animals are to one another.  Just notice the animal communicators we have on the planet.

Milo is now 70 in cat years, and struggling with a failing heart and weak kidneys. Soon he will transition, and we will miss his physical presence. He worked hard though, and we know he will join his brother Fritz in spirit. He will continue to work with us from another perspective – making his presence known regularly around the house, just as Fritz continues to do.

As he slows down, he has passed the torch to our other young rescue Mia. She showed up on Oct 3 2011, weighing a scruffy 6 pounds. But as soon as I held her she cuddled in and purred like she had known me forever. It was the day before my birthday, and we fell in love. Super shy right up until this past 6 months, she hid whenever anyone came to the door. Now, Mia, turning 5 this year is supporting the clients as if she had always been doing it. She sits on laps that need her or stretches out alongside a sitting client in distress allowing them to pet her and offering them love and warmth.

I so appreciate the work they do and the love they share unconditionally. Thank goodness for the love of a ‘familiar’.

Until next time…. Namaste from Sharyn


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