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Valentine Day Blooms

When I went on a cruise last spring, the first thing I did prior to sailing was order flowers to be delivered to my stateroom. They were there when the friend I was travelling with and I arrived. A bouquet of beautiful red roses and white lilies adorned the coffee table. I was delighted and clapped my hands like a child, grinning from ear to ear. My friend looked at me oddly when she saw them and asked whom they were from. I said “Me. I love flowers and they are from me.”

Further discussion over the week revealed that she had been taught buying flowers for oneself was frivolous. That one should only receive them from another person. She had never considered buying them for herself before the cruise. It just never crossed her mind to honor herself in that way.

Now, as Valentines Day approaches; I realize she isn’t alone. Many people believe that celebrating themselves with flowers, or gifts in general is wrong and frivolous and a waste. Particularly on Valentines Day – the great hearts and chocolate Lovers celebration.

If your partner passed on in the last year; or you are newly divorced, you need loving attention more than ever.

If you are in a relationship where your partner is working away, or perhaps your partner is physically there but emotionally absent.

Or if you are simply unattached. Then you really want to celebrate and offer love to yourself. It isn’t frivolous. It isn’t wrong. It is perfectly right.

So how about you are your Valentine this year? No matter what your scenario is. How about you show yourself love and appreciation? Have a glass of wine strattera dosage. Watch a great movie cuddled on the sofa. Make exactly the meal you enjoy. Soak in a bubble bath if that’s your thing.

And buy yourself some beautiful, cheerful, fragrant flowers. You deserve them.  From you – to you, with love.

Happy Valentines Day! Until next time….

Namaste from Sharyn Rose



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